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It has begun!

VCON 2021 has officially started. Check out our two Livestream channels below to see what’s happening. 

We are still working out the event schedules, but stay tuned to our Events page to see our schedule for live streams.

VCON Online will not end when VCON 2021 does, we hope to bring you new and exciting content all year round!

Virtual Convention Floor

Welcome to the VCON Online Convention Floor!

We wanted VCON Online to give you all the opportunities you can get in the meat (real-life) version. The chance to see some people talk about Science Fiction, rub elbows with some famous people, play some games, pick up some gear, and last but foremost, have fun with your friends past and future.

VCON 2021 Floor Map
Virtual Lounge Speakers and Panels Vendor Area Hospitality Room Artemis Game Lounge Art Room

Virtual Lounge

The place to chat with other VCONers online.

Check out VCON's virtual lounge area over at Kumospace.

Speakers and Panels

Want to see who will be speaking, and when? Want to watch some of our archived video content? This is the place to go!

You can see the live streams here and here

Check out our Events page for schedules for live streams and access to recordings of past events.

Vendor Area

It isn’t a Con without murch, is it?  See what’s available from our vendor area.

Currently . . .


Hospitality Room

What makes the Con is the Congoers. Here you will be able to hang out and chat with some other Sci-fi heads.

Currently  . . .


Artemis Game Lounge

Want to play an Online Game or TTRPG with other Congoers?

Hop into the Artemis Game Lounge

Currently . . .


Art Room

For all of your Sci-Fi and Fantasy art needs.

See work from local artists, and those from around the quadrant.

Currently . . .


Upcoming Events

Nothing here yet? We are still working some things out, stay tuned!